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Magician - Hypnotist

Matt Grisham


Matt Grisham

100+ professional shows a year, performing at colleges, comedy clubs and corporate events all over the United States, Matt Grisham takes his two shows from Coast to Coast meeting thousands of people.  Matt has been performing full time since 2005 and has accumulated Eight National Awards for his unique entertainment.  He takes comedy magic and hypnosis places that other performers would dare go. 

Matt’s Comedy Hypnosis Show, “Come Sleep with the Best”, is unlike any hypnosis show you have seen.  This is one of the most interactive shows in any market today.  The entire audience becomes part of the show, whether they choose to come on stage or sit idly by in the audience.  No one is safe in this rollercoaster ride of a show.  The hypnosis show runs between 60 min. - 90 min. and can be shortened or lengthened on the venues needs.





Matt’s Comedy Magic Show, “Magic Has Never Been More Sarcastic”, is a witty ride of humor and amazement.  His mix of magic, standup comedy and unique stories creates a one of a kind experience for the audience.  Matt’s regular show runs at 60+ minutes with no intermission, but can be tailored to any event length.

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