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The most POPULAR novely in the College market today!


Escape Rooms have hit the world by storm in the past few years, and LinZ Entertainment is one of the original FULL EXPERIENCE escape room providers in the market.  All of our rooms are one of a kind experiences that you can get from no other company.  We spent years developing our designs and keeping them secret to guarantee the best experience for your students.  Why not give your students a chance to experience this exciting novelty on your campus?


This is a great team building exercise and is guaranteed to bring in HUGE crowds.  Our mobile Escape Room Experience has been created with colleges in mind and has many options to pick from. 

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

The most POPULAR novely in the College market today!

Escape Room: Live Or Die 

The Virus Escape Room

The Escape Room: Live or Die Challenge is one of our most popular escape options.  This escape pits students as newly recruited police cadets, who have been thrown into a one of a kind experience.  The students must figure out how to defuse a bomb that has been left in the police station.

They must work as a team to solve case files, find clues and bust the code for the bomb before years of police files are blown away.  

It is time to see if you could survive the zombie apocalypse.  You have just stepped into the labs of Doctor J.R. Samuels, world renouned scientist for his work with antibiotics.  It is now your job to help Dr. Samuels finish his cure for what appears to be an unstoppable virus.  Your students must find answers in the lab and decipher the great doctors work to save themselves and the world.  You must hurry though, Dr. Samuels may not be the good hearted man that we believed him to be.


Escape this mad scientist lab before being turned into a zombie yourself.  Don't let all humanity down.


Now you see It

The Now you See It Escape Experience places you in the world of magic and illusion.  You and your team are now members of one of the most prestigious touring magic shows in the world.  Your job is to keep the show running smoothly, but what you find back stage sparks your curiosity.


You and your group have been trapped inside a magical world of illusions and must find a way out before you are stuck forever.  You must work together to break the secrets of a magicians mind.  Seeing is not always believing, so believe in yourself and make the locks disappear 

Dinosaur Disaster

When Scientist try to play god and bring dinosaurs back to life disaster is bound to happen.  In this great escape challenge students will have to survive the Dino lab and save the campus from these prehistoric problems.  Students will need to be swift in their discoveries to save us all or they may meet a beast of great proportions.  


Break the code, if you want to survive this wild adventure and live to tell the world about your BIG discovery in our Dinosaur Disaster Escape.

Black Out

Black out is one of our most unique escape room challenges, and is much different than what most people are use to in escape room games.  This challenge takes away the players ability to see, and requires them to heightened their other senses in order to complete task.  Students will be put through a variety of challenges which they must work together to solve all while being unable to see.  


Students will increase their awareness in this one of a kind escape room challenge. 

Students In ToyLand

Christmas if over and somehow you have been locked inside Santa's workshop.  All elfs are all on vacation and you must find a way out of the toyshop before you run out of cookies and milk.  Use the toys and clues to find the lock code before Santa puts you on his naughty list.  

Our full experience is the most popular option features an inflatable enclosure that features two separate escape rooms.  These rooms can be used as two novelty rooms to help provide more students with the experience at once or the very popular team escape challenge.  The team escape challenge pits two different groups of students against each other in a battle to see who can solve the room first.  


We can also set up the experience in already exisiting rooms you may have available on campus with out the inflatables depending on your space options. 








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